As a member of the Zebra Ultra-Rugged 3600 Series of scanners, the practically indestructible 1D/2D DS3608-HP corded and DS3678-HP cordless scanners are ready for the world’s toughest environments — the warehouse and manufacturing floor.

In addition to capturing virtually any 1D or 2D barcode as far as 7 ft./2.1 m away, these scanners give you the flexibility to capture a wide range of business information to streamline many everyday business processes, including OCR, documents and photos.

No matter what types of data your workers need to capture, you get all the features you need for truly unstoppable performance, redefining scanner reliability and management simplicity. The result? The dependable, fast and accurate scanning you need to take the quality of your products and your customer service to the next level.

The productivity of your warehouse and manufacturing workers depends on the quality of their scanners. The DS3600-HP Ultra-Rugged scanner enables high-performance capture of 1D and 2D barcodes to nearly 7 ft./2.1 m away. Built for your toughest environments, the DS3600-HP is virtually indestructible, including an enhanced 10 ft./3 m drop spec to concrete and dual IP65/IP68 sealing. With DataCapture DNA, Zebra’s exclusive software ecosystem, you can take scanner performance far beyond the basics—simplifying every stage of the scanning experience over the life of your device. And when it comes to cordless technology, the DS3678-HP’s Zebra-only features put it in a class of its own. The DS3600-HP—the unstoppable performance you need to maximize workforce productivity and throughput in your operations.

Powered by Zebra’s exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology and the highest sensor resolution in its class, the DS3600-HP instantly captures the most problematic barcodes—including barcodes that are dirty, damaged, poorly printed and under shrinkwrap.

Ultra-Rugged—the Most Indestructible Design in its Class

Zebra ultra-rugged scanners earned their name for a reason— you won’t find a tougher family of scanners. Ready for the world’s harshest environments, the DS3600-HP has the highest drop, tumble and sealing specifications in its class. It can survive 10 ft./3 m drops to concrete and 7,500 tumbles. With dual IP65/IP68 sealing, the DS3600-HP is dust proof, can handle the force of jetting water and be fully submerged in water. Built to withstand extreme heat, cold and humidity, the DS3600-HP can be used anywhere—indoor, outdoor and even in the freezer.1

Ultra-Rugged Cradle and Charging Contacts Designed to Last

The DS3600-HP is the first scanner in its class to offer a cradle with IP65 sealing. Its industrial charging contacts withstand 250,000 insertions. And Zebra’s exclusive Connect+ Contact technology assures reliable, corrosion-free charging over the life of the scanner.

Capture OCR, Photos and Documents

The DS3600-HP makes it easy to take high quality photos for documentation. With Zebra’s Intelligent Document Capture, you can automatically de-skew and brighten document images. And support for multiple OCR fonts enables fast, easy data transfer.


Scan it All—at Astonishing Speeds

Workers can capture virtually any 1D or 2D barcode as fast as they can pull the trigger, whether they’re in hand or as far as 7 ft./2.1 m away—offering up to 30% more working range than similar models in this class.


    Your workers can capture information as fast as they can pull the trigger — from virtually any electronic or printed barcode in any condition to photos that can provide undisputable proof of condition for incoming shipments, plus images of highly legible documents for electronic recordkeeping. Even if barcodes are damaged, dirty or poorly printed, no problem — this intelligent scanner can handle it all.


    The warehouse and manufacturing plant floor is as tough as its gets. That’s why we created a new product category — the ultra-rugged scanner. The corded and cordless models are the only scanners in this class that are dust-tight, sprayproof and waterproofed to IP68, with an IP65-sealed cradle for a complete rugged cordless solution.


    With our complimentary industry-best tools, managing these scanners couldn’t be easier. You can remotely configure and upgrade your scanners, format data properly for instant transmission into your business applications, monitor battery statistics for your cordless models and more.



In addition to superior scanning performance, flexible information capture, an ultra-rugged design and unparalleled manageability, you get more features that make this scanner easier than ever for your workers to use, including a special mode that simultaneously captures all or specific barcodes on a label with many barcodes; an aiming pattern for first-time accurate capture of barcodes on pick lists; mix-and-match feedback modes so workers can see, hear or feel successful scans; an extreme temperature rating for freezer use and more.


    PowerPrecision+ 3100 mAh   Li-Ion rechargeable battery
    (For cordless models)


    Withstands multiple 10 ft. / 3.0 m drops to concrete


    Array Imager


    Scanner: IP65 and IP68 Cradle: IP65


    1D, 2D, OCR, Photos, Documents and More


Physical Characteristics

Corded: 7.3 in. H x 3.0 in. W x 5.2 in. D
18.5 cm H x 7.6 cm W x 13.2 cm D
Cordless: 7.3 in. H x 3.0 in. W x 5.6 in. D
18.5 cm H x 7.6 cm W x 14.2 cm D
Corded: 10.9 oz./309 g
Cordless: 14.5 oz./411 g
Input Voltage Range
Host powered: 4.5 VDC min., 5.5 VDC max.
.External power supply: 11.4 VDC min., 12.6 VDC max.
Operating Current
DS3608-HP (corded): 360 mA (RMS typical)
Standby Current
DS3608-HP (corded): 100 mA (RMS typical)
Industrial Green
Supported Host Interfaces
USB, RS232, Keyboard Wedge
Industrial Ethernet: EtherNet/IP, Profinet,
Modbus TCP & Std TCP/IP
PowerPrecision+ 3100 mAh Li-Ion
rechargeable battery
User Indicators
Direct decode indicator; LEDs; beeper; vibration

Credit : ZEBRA