SmartCabinet™: Small Footprint & Ease of Deployment

SmartCabinet™2-E – Self-contained Cooling Unit

SmartCabinet™ Features

Success Stories of SmartCabinet™


1.Dimension 600 mm x 1200 mm x 2150 mm (WxDxH).

2.IT Space 24U.

3.Rated IT capacity 3 kW.

4.Mains input system Single phase 220 V.

5.Lightning protection level C Grade.

6.PDU 0U Switch type intelligent PDU, rated 16 A, GB 10 A*12+GB 16 A*4 Support power monitoring, overload warning, delayed start, and remote bit-by-bit on-off control.

7.Emergency Cooling Available.

8.Environmental Monitoring Temperature monitoring, detect water leakage condition.

9.Security Physical key,Card access using RFID card and Remote login to SmartCabinet to unlock

10.Remote management through IP.

11.Real-time alarm Email and Optional SMS.

12.Lighting Indications Blue, white, and red tricolor lights

13.*(Option)Fire Protection Optional built-in gas fire protection, 3U.

14.*(Option) CCTV camera

Credit : vertiv